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Personalised embroidery on your ring pillows

Almost every one who purchases a ring pillow from us loves one with their names and wedding dates. And really, what’s there not to love about it?

It’s personalized and makes a treasured  keepsake of your big day. Better yet, it is perfect for a wedding gift for your beloved relative or friend! Contact us to find out how you can make your ring pillow truly personal!

An hey! It’s not confined to just your name and dates…favourite verses, terms of endearment can all be embroidered, space permitting of course!



Custom printed magnets


Sandy & Simon wanted an invitation that was nice and simple. Nothing over the top. Something that is highly personalised and has the ability to double up as a wedding favour.

Our custom printed magnets fit the bill perfectly.

A lovely size for their favourite photo, ample space for their event details, and functional as a keepsake and magnet to hold those little notes up!

Select from our range or have us custom design one for you! Visit The Ola Store for more information!



How to tie wedding bands to your wedding ring pillow (Part 2)

Eagerly waiting for part 2 of our “How to tie wedding bands to your wedding ring pillow” tutorial? Well, it’s finally completed!

Part 2 shows you a different method, but just as lovely. It’s what we like to call the Bow Technique. It’s really simple and hey, if you can tie a bow, then this will be a piece of cake!



How to tie wedding bands to your wedding ring pillow (Part 1)

Now that you have bought your wedding ring pillow, just how do you tie your wedding bands to it? This is a question we have been posed over and over again. Not only must the wedding rings sit securely on the ring pillow, it also has to be well-displayed, so that everyone can gush at just how beautiful it is. And most importantly, you must be able to remove the rings easily from the ring ties! (Now we can’t have the groom or bride fumbling over the rings during the ceremony, can we?)

It is certainly difficult for us to clearly explain the entire process via an email or a phone call. So we thought long and hard about it.

Now, we are so excited to unveil our first video tutorial! We are also proud to say that we are probably one of the only video tutorials you can find explaining in such great detail, how you can tie your wedding band to your ring pillows!

So sit back and enjoy our little video clip!

Psst! There is another method of tying your rings to the ring pillow, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new updates are available!


Personalised Ribbons

While pretty coloured ribbons liven up your favours, why not jazz them up further by having your own names printed on them! A wide variety with 12 different ribbon colours available in your choice of silver or gold text!

Check out how Yong Wee and Yvette had theirs personalised! For more information, vist our Personalised Ribbons section on The Ola Store