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Romantic Silhouettes – A custom invitation for Chris and Ariel

Like something from our collection of invitations, but need a just a little tweaking for it to become your dream invite? No problem! We pride ourselves in being flexible and adaptable to our clients request!

Chris and Ariel loved our “Romantic Silhouette” series, but wanted a little something extra so that it will stand out from the rest of the invites. They picked a gold theme for their stationery, to complement Ariel’s gown, which was an elegant white cheongsam with gold lace. We suggested changing the silver themed “Romantic Silhouette” to a gold theme (ie using gold print), adapt the generic couple silhouette to that of Chris’ and Ariel’s, and also to flow over part of the design from the front of the invite to the back. The result? A stunning custom invitation they can truly call their own! Take a look!


After Adaptation:                                              The Original:

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