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Thank You Gifts for your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen!

It has always been a tradition for us in Singapore to thank your bridesmaids, groomsmen and helpers by way of a lucky red packet (aka Ang Pow). Why not break this tradition and make it more memorable for them by giving a thank you gift instead? Our latest collection of Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts boasts of stylish, functional and unique items! Visit our store to view these exciting options!


Yummy Chocolate Thank You Gifts Your Discerning Bridesmaid / Groomsmen!

Since a long long time ago, tradition has dictated that we give our bridesmaids & groomsmen (aka jie mei and xiong di in Singapore) a lucky red packet. Now you can break away from the tradition, with a thank you gift, especially if your bridesmaids & groomsmen are chocolate connoisseurs!

Our latest addition of luxury chocolates in Bridesmaids / Groomsmen Gifts Department, has its roots dated way back to 1976. Created by master chocolatiers, these chocs taste simply heavenly!

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